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Visual Design Consultants - Trainers

Approved Microsoft HoloLens Developers

Serving industry across the globe since 2000






Rapid deployment and development of engaging built environment experiences.

Agile, disruptive and flexible development means fast, lean and accurate projects.

TerraSame serves building professionals and product manufacturers.

Resort simulation - games can be used for the entire project lifecycle.

From the project design phase to maintenence after project completion.

Then through the lifecycle used for suite rental and project sale.

A simulation can help with the decision process from beginning to end.

Product and training simulations are just the beginning.

When you consider the pros and cons, you will most likely determine

that the advantages of 3d Virtual Apps, will change the way you do business.

The HoloLens will take your sales team swiftly into the 21st Century.

Unity teamed with Vuforia can create STUNNING 3d marketing tools

for all Platforms including AR, VR, MR, ER & 360 Videos.

We are approved Microsoft HoloLens Developers.

BIM enabled software is changing Visual Design Construction (VDC)

and Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

rapidly and with years of experience in these fields

TerraSame can help you with all your visualization design needs.

Whether Residential, Commercial or Industrial

with our vast experience, our presentation visualizations

can help you "WOW" your clients...

TerraSame uses the "Unity 3d" cross platform game engine,

developed by Unity Technologies, along with Vuforia

to provide Industry-Leading Multiplatform Support.

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For Ultra High Quality

Simulations - Visualizations - Presentations

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Serving industry across the globe since 2000